Rally In The Alley

One last Daytime PARTY@ Sauce

Final Countdown

Friday is the last day for the public…Saturday is just for us!








When & Where


OK, let’s get the crews all together one last time and rally in the alley, before we shut it down forever!

noon-5 pm Saturday, July 27th 2019

Sauce is really closing down, so we dug up some classic sets to throw one last Day Time Party! Let the “Port-a-Party” rock you one more time, come celebrate this fantastic ride with us! One last “Drink It Dry” party. Noon – 5 pm $40 cash/ $50 on a card (hint hint) open bar while we drink it dry and look back at the times we had, celebrating life events together, on the playa, @ Shine and @ Sauce & Sauce over the last 15 years!! We are dusting off the mackies and firing up the frozen drinks…come bask in the sun and your own glory with us on Belden Lane one last time for a final good bye to Sauce.

 This is for our family and friends, and your family and friends, no need to post it wide to strangers…but sure… let all the folks who should know… know!  Dust off an old Shine email and let fly.  Let’s just get our OG freak on together and make some noise. We love you all, thank you so much for making the last 15 years fly by! Can’t wait to see you (It’s Trip & Ben’s birthday party too!)

**********WOOO HOOO THIS JUST IN******** Chef Ben – Birthday Boy! – Just booked a flight back from NY and will be in the house for Friday (last chance at Chef Ben’s Cooking) & Saturday to help finish off the Guinness!!!

Lets Get to work, guest bar-tending applicants should email me…if you have a favorite DJ set from Shine or the Deep End that you think should be thrown in the mix, let me know.


Event Details

Date: Sat 27 July 2010
Time: 12:00 pm -5 pm
Location: 56 Belden Ave,
San Francisco, CA

Predicted Weather

Temperature: 76°
Rain: 0% 
Wind: 2mph

SHINE: 100% Fun Index: 100%